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Provide a historical and stylistic consultancy service for individuals, groups or productions. Our experience is your disposition to create a dress that reflects every need, theatrical, cinematographic, philological or personal. Attention to detail, for us, is really the difference that separates a "costume" from a "dress".


Exclusive Product

Quality is our keyword, our ambition is Refined: pure and precious fabrics, handicraft production, historical cuts, details that make one's costume authentic. Our catalog, one of the biggest in the world, offers more than a thousand items that can be personalized with different fabrics, colors and decorations, made by our artisans, with very high quality, resistance and finish.


International Delivery

You can receive Narsilion products anywhere in the world, comfortably at home! You can also request delivery on Saturday mornings (if provided in your area), in the office or at scheduled times. With our international UPS courier you will be able to consult the shipment status online or receive info via e-mail or telephone.


Made in Italy

Narsilion has always stood out for the true Made in Italy. Our items are entirely processed in Italy in the Lucca (Tuscany) laboratory, using only Italian suppliers and materials. Choice based on quality, which proudly bears our brand all over the world, respecting a tradition that has belonged to us for centuries.