- The Narsilion Partners Club is born for all the associations and the historical groups that want to affiliate to our brand receiving discounts and promotions, besides numerous advantages on the purchase of our products.

- No constraints on the part of members, nor minimum quotas to be reached, our Club is for those who choose to give us confidence, receiving our advice and our help in the growth of their own reality and our sector.

- Entry into the Narsilion Partners Club is exclusive to historical groups and amateur cultural and sports associations. The card can be given by Narsilion to particular individual customers, but no individual request can be submitted.

- The affiliation to the Club must pass through the person in charge of the group / association, in the figure of the President or Secretary; requests submitted by other members will not be accepted.

- The Narsilion Partners Club card grants discounts and benefits in the purchase of the products, as well as a direct communication on the updated offers of the site (if requested), to all members.

- The Chairman / Secretary of the requesting group / association will provide Narsilion with the names of the register of members, with the relative mail list and signed authorization for registration on the site (if they were not already present). Furthermore, the group / association undertakes to register itself and its members on the Narsilion Facebook page and to share the link to our site on its web channels (website, social media, etc.).





1. a 5% discount on all RED LABEL catalog products

2. a 10% discount on all RED LABEL products of the historical periods chosen by the affiliated group / association (maximum two centuries of choice)

3. free shipping in Italy for orders over € 500 (over € 1000 worldwide)

4. Upon request, receipt by e-mail from the group / association or individual members of particular "Alerts" of our site on products of their own discount period or Special Offer.

5. Possibility for the group / association, or new members in the first 30 days of registration on the site, to purchase BLUE LABEL products with a 10% discount.

6. The affiliated group / association or special customer who made the most purchases at the end of the year will receive a special gift from Narsilion.