Red Label is the line that has always distinguished Narsilion, with over a thousand models, offers one of the largest sample collections in the world, spanning the history of costume in the twentieth century. You can view each model, choose your favorite fabric, color, lining, button,trimmings, in a wide range of sizes *.

The fabrics used for the Red Label are natural and of Italian origin, such as the accessories, worked with the best Tuscan leather ((consult the fabric section for any information and technical data sheets of our materials).

A wide selection of accessories will allow you to complete your dress giving it uniqueness and style, to be "fashionable" at all times.

Order your personalized garment and you will receive it within 30 working days!


* before concluding the order always consult our "Taglie Table". The One size (U) of cloaks and surcotte dresses each size. We advise you to choose capes to wheel and not to half wheel for sizes over the Large or to ask for a personalization in the case of the surcotte.