Narsilion was born in the year 2005, from the experience and dream of its founder, Stefano Baldacci: offering a product and a professional and refined service, with a production entirely Made in Italy, using raw materials of our excellences and artisans that embody the quality and the tradition that belongs to our country. Today, the brand of BDM design & consulting srl, Narsilion is one of the leaders in the production of historical clothing, present in the main fairs and events throughout Europe, offers advice in the reminiscent, museum, theater and cinema, with a branch dedicated to the organization of public and private events. Our catalog, among the largest in the world, offers a variety of millions of combinations, with three different labels, Blue, Red and Black Label, ready to satisfy every type of stylistic, philological and economic need of our customers. Almost a thousand items in the catalog, achievable in different fabrics, colors and decorations, made-to-measure items for the most demanding and hundreds of items ready for delivery.

With passion and dedication, we carry on this ancient craft, believing in the value of the study, the art and the uniqueness of a product. Choosing Narsilion doesn't just mean choosing Italian excellence, but living with us a tradition rediscovering it in every dress.